Reached my full potential as an athlete and made a great friend in the process

Years ago, a friend recommended John to me. I was coming off of two shoulder surgeries and was badly out of shape. I had always been a passionate athlete and I was frustrated with my fitness and almost certainly faced having to give up sports after high school. I began working with John three times per week and was amazed with the results.

Whatever the next level is for you, John has the knowledge and passion to take you there. With his help I was able to make my college team this past spring as a walk-on and went to the NCAA tournament. He comes prepared for every workout with a variety of exercises, motivational intensity, and a great sense of humor.

Overr two years of training he has still been able to surprise me each day with new exercises to keep my workout fresh and interesting. He enjoys working with kettle bells which were completely foreign to me before meeting with John. I was amazed at the versatility and effectiveness of kettle bell workouts. I immediately enjoyed the workout much more than other programs I had done. He also employs a variety of other training methods including free weights, band resistance, and a variety of cardio techniques. He knows how to get the most out of your workout by focusing on form, technique, and variety.

The results brought by his vast knowledge are evident. No matter what your fitness goals are, I would encourage you to take advantage of John’s expertise. His knowledge and experience helped me reach my full potential as an athlete and I made a great friend in the process.


Thanks John!