I can’t believe the progress I have made

I decided to check out BBJ after attending a spin class with a substitute teacher whom I later found out was a regular instructor at Body by John. I was blown away by the positivity and energy the instructor brought to the room. I don’t know about you, but I believe the instructor is the key component to making a group exercise class successful and BBJ delivers. They have a great selection of group fitness classes throughout the day and work with people of all ages/athletic ability. I also take full advantage of their personal training option. This allows me, as a busy working mom, to get a workout in when I’m on the go and unable to attend a group class. I can’t believe the progress I have made. John and Pam don’t just own the facility, it’s their passion. They have helped me lose weight and tone my body with the help of exercise and meal planning management. It’s about creating lifestyle and all the support needed to get there. Being human, I sometimes fall off the wagon, but the team is always there with encouragement and support to get me back on track. I’m proud to say I’m forty one and in the best shape of my life!!