I actually WANTED to work out again

As a person with many years in the fitness industry, and an avid runner, I have always been concerned with health. I am now owner of FIT CHIX RULE.

I was shocked to find myself stressed, tired and out of shape a few years ago. As the owner of a successful and growing landscaping company, I just couldn’t tear myself away from work to really take care of myself.

Fitness was just one more thing I “had to do”. I was running, and eating ok, but definitely not at my peak. This is when John recommended that I try something called Kettle bells. The very first time he ever took me through a kettlebell workout I was hooked…. The workout was intense, only took 30 minutes and it was FUN. I actually WANTED to workout again.

John’s enthusiasm was contagious and I continued to use Kettlebells as a primary strength tool. My back stopped hurting, I stopped getting headaches and just naturally seemed to want to take better care of myself all the time.

Now, I am taking my Kettlebell certification and getting back into something I love and owe that all to John for that first Kettlebell workout.

Thanks John!!!