After years of working out, I finally got the results I was looking for

So this year between my bad back, rehabbing my dog Diesel, and a stellar summer, I was not happy with where my weight was headed.  I came to a point in my life where even though I was working out, my weight was increasing, my back did not appreciate it, and I ended up in a vicious cycle.

Earlier this year, I spoke with Pam Emond and mentioned to her in passing that come Labor Day I was going to start a diet plan.  I was not sure what or how, but I needed to do something to get back to where I wanted to be. My goal was to get into shape for my hubby’s birthday, which is in December.

Much to my surprise, the week of Labor Day I got a text from Pam saying “so let’s meet and  get started”. I was really very surprised that she even remembered my quest, but she did. Whether she knows it or not, that was exactly what I needed. I met with her and John that week, decided on a plan that was realistic for me, and got to work.

I am proud to report that since Labor Day (less than 3 months) I have dropped 18 lbs., gained muscle, and have a new perspective on and knowledge of food. I met with John twice weekly for 30 minutes, and after years of working out, finally got the results I was looking for.

John showed me the difference having a personal trainer can make.  Someone to push you to do things that you thought you could never do, while watching your form so you’re not doing more harm than good.  John knew of my issues with my back and neck and worked with me on that.  I have no doubt experienced pain, but it’s a good pain, not an “oh my back is done” pain. I owe a lot to these two!

Not only did they get me back on track, but they have also been great support, even answering random texts at night for food questions.  This gym treats their clients as family.  They are invested in your success, and you cannot replace that.

If anyone is seriously interested in getting back on track, losing a few lbs and getting results, I urge you to look up Body by John. January 4th they are beginning a weight loss clinic, and the details are on their website.  If you really want to do something good for yourself or someone you love, this is the perfect gift.