Personal Trainer Portland Maine

Personal Trainer Portland Maine

There’s a reason why celebrities, professional athletes and many others among us have a personal trainer…simply put it’s the most effective way to reach your personal fitness goals!

So, if this is true, why don’t more of us seek out the help of a personal trainer?

There are any number of reasons, but most commonly we often feel as though it is too expensive.  However, if we take the time to look at this as an investment in ourselves, we realize it’s actually a wise investment.  Let’s look at some personal training benefits you may not have considered when thinking about hiring a personal trainer.

Motivation & Accountability

There are not many of us who would say that working out is easy.  That being said, even the best of us self motivators need increased motivation from time to time.  A personal trainer helps you hold yourself accountable to your goals.  They can’t be manipulated or bargained with, much like we often do with ourselves.  This accountability provides us with financial motivation, structure during our workout and positive reinforcement for a job well done.

Working Out Correctly

It seems like everywhere you turn, you can find a workout DVD, video on YouTube or other information on the Internet telling you the latest and greatest exercise guaranteed to make you slim & trim, have washboard abs or killer biceps to show off at the beach.

The issue with this way of working out is very often, we end up performing our exercises incorrectly.  At the very least, we often get discouraged because we don’t see the results we’re seeking.  Unfortunately, the other end of the spectrum is many people often sacrifice proper safety during their workout and risk injury.

A personal trainer helps you to develop a fitness routine designed for you and your current fitness level.  As you progress, they can help to adjust your workout, continuing to challenge and motivate you.  Also, as a professional, a personal trainer will ensure that your workouts are not only effective, but safe.

Enhance Your Mind, Body & Spirit

The benefits of a good workout cannot be overstated.  When you workout properly, you are better able to handle the stress of the day, you have better focus and the energy to meet the challenges that arise in ever day life.  The biochemical changes in your body alone can help to create an energy level allowing you to plow through any obstacle.  Combined with the increase in overall confidence, no challenge can seem insurmountable.

At Body by John, we have some of the best personal trainers available in Maine.  We also have some of the best rates available in the Portland area.

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