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The Personal Training Staff at Body by John


John Emond-Owner Body by JohnJohn Emond, Owner of Body by John.

John is a Certified Kettlebell Trainer and expert nutritionist.  He is APEX-CPT, CrossFit, Kettlebell, ExpertRated and Mad Dog Spin Certified.

A Portland Maine resident, John has developed a progressive training experience.  He utilizes the latest training science to help you reach your personal fitness goals.

Let John help you transition to a healthier lifestyle which will enhance your entire life.


Pam EmondPam Emond (aka Pammy) is the wife of John Emond.


Kettle 1 Certified 

Expert Rating certified in nutrition and personal training

Manager of Body By John Inc.

Her love of working with the public and changing people’s lives through diet and exercise is crucial in her day to day, as she raises their daughter that was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes in 2004.

Her belief of “Be the best YOU can be for you. And the results will come.” are words she stands by. 


Ben GrigoBen Grigo


He is certified by the American Council on Exercise as Both a Personal Trainer (CPT) and Health Coach (CHC). He’s also a certified Kettle bell Instructor LV 1 by BBJ. He has over four years of experience training clients as a full time career.

Ben is a very versatile trainer that has trained all different fitness levels and special populations. He specializes in weight loss and functional training with a passion for rehab and athletic training. Struggling with obesity and fitness goals at a younger age, Ben knows the ins and outs of becoming a healthier you no matter the obstacle!

“Health and Fitness should always be a top priority for anyone. It is the number one positive habit to achieve. There isn’t a single aspect of our lives it does not improve. It is my passion to keep my clients always maintaining a healthy, fit way of life.”

Ben is an avid power lifter and bodybuilder in his free time, making the gym his second home. Get in touch with him today to reach any fitness goal, large or small!

Lauren Keenan

Lauren Keenan


I started weight training at Body By John a little over a year ago and it went from being something I really enjoyed doing to something I grew extreme passion for. I gained a lot of positive changes in my life when I chose to be healthier and weight train it’s definitely an amazing lifestyle.

Watching my own body go through progressive changes was really fascinating to me but I always wanted to know how my body was changing. I decided I wanted to become a personal trainer and took the NASM course to help maximize my knowledge of fitness and the human body.

Throughout my training I realized I needed more out of the fitness world and I wanted a way to be more involved so I decided to compete in the OCB 2014 Bikini Competition. It was a great experience that I learned a lot from and I was honored to be representing BBJ on the stage.

In my future I see myself being a full time trainer at Body By John and definitely competing in more shows on the side.

I’m excited to help change peoples lives through fitness and health as it did my own!



Heather Roberts-Personal Trainer Body by JohnHeather Roberts

Expert Rating Certified Personal Trainer

Expert Rating Certified Strength and Conditioning Trainer

Kettlebell 1 Certified

Expert Rating First Aid/CPR Certified

Heather began her journey at Body By John over a year ago when she aspired to regain her strength, fitness and stamina after giving birth to her second child. The sense of community and FITNESS at Body By John inspired her to pursue a career as a certified personal trainer. She has a genuine interest in the health and well-being of her clients and will develop specific, thoughtful routines to fit the needs and expectations of each and every client. The HEALTH and SAFETY of her clients is her utmost priority. During her time at Body by John, Heather gained a first hand understanding of the remarkable fitness ASPIRATIONS and GOALS which can be accomplished through hard work, safety and proper form. She is eager to share her knowledge and positive attitude!

Prior to being a stay at home mother of two, Heather worked for many years as a veterinary technician.  She pursued a degree in veterinary technology at Penn Foster College in Pennsylvania. She resides in Windham with her husband, two children, and numerous four-legged family members.


Albin Mitima-Personal Trainer Body by JohnAlbin Mitima

Alban was born in the Kivu Providence of Bukavu in the Democratic Republic of Congo, Africa. He began playing soccer at the age of 3 following in his fathers footsteps who had played for the semi pro team.

“Even back then I was fascinated by sports. Anything that involved running and exercise, I was game.”

Ten years after Alban got into sports, a war broke out in the Congo. Alban and his family fled to the US where he continued playing soccer but later began exploring other sports such as football, basketball, weightlifting and Wrestling.

“When people began asking me for fitness advice in and outside of the gym that was when I knew I had something, and all I wanted to do was help them get to where they wanted to be. I love meeting new people and working with them in building something stronger helping them reach goals that they never even knew they had.”

I cherish every moment, when training a client because I think of it as a chance to improve peoples lives, and at the same time learn a little more about myself.

Alban is expert rating personal trainer certified

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